Martin Pham

Software Engineer

New York, NY 10002

  • Technical Skills

JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, HTML5, CSS, PUG/Jade, EJS, ES6, JQuery

Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine

NodeJS, Postgresql, MySQL, ExpressJS 


Web Applications

Bye Bye: React Native, Twilio, ExpoSDK

GitHub link:  Expo: Bye Bye

Geolocation app allowing users to set destinations and send a text once they cross the radius.

  • Incorporated geolocation event listener to send message with Twilio
  • Implemented UI and tab navigation
  • Integrated React Native maps with IOS platform

Fork n’ Spoon: React, Quagga JS, Edamam api, Axios, Heroku

GitHub link: Heroku Link: fork-n-spoon

Food search app with recipes, nutrition facts, and barcode scanner

  • Engineered a React web app allowing users to easily search healthy recipes 
  • Tailored the UI for a more comfortable user experience 

ePIC: Passport, Express Sessions, PUG, EJS, Multer, Heroku

GitHub link: Heroku Link: ePIC

Photo  web application similar to Instagram with password authorization and message board

  • Constructed Postgres database to store user information, photos, likes, and comments
  • Used Passport to authenticate users and create tokens
  • Styled pages for  a seamless user experience

Work Experience

Hospitality Professional at various establishments [L’artusi, Melbourne Cup]    2001 - Present

  • Trained hundreds of staff throughout my career
  • Managed teams for private events
  • Taught classes for food, wine, and service

English Teacher Public School Gyeongsangnam-do, S. Korea       June 2014 - December 2016

  • Taught elementary English to classes of 30-40 students ages 6-12 daily
  • Created private lessons for adults Business English

Agent Global Work & Travel, Australia         December 2012 - March 2013

  • Assisted Australian travellers to acquire employment and housing in foreign countries

Dept. of Public Advocate, New Jersey—Client Advocate       September 2005-May 2006

  • Advocated on behalf of financially disadvantaged individuals on legal matters


New York Code & Design, NYC-Web Development 

Montclair State University, New Jersey— BA  Political Science

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