Bye Bye

Gelocation App

Using Twillio to send messages to selected contacts once user enters radius.


Download the Expo Client for iOS.

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Bye Bye

Give Your Sober Friends Peace of Mind

An iOS application created by Martin Pham and Nethanel Kohen that lets your friends know you've made it home after a night out

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Fork n Spoon

A web application that allows the user to scan a barcode and find healthy recipes with nutritional facts.


This application was built with the React framework.


The Edamam API was used to get the recipes and nutritional facts.

Fork n Spoon

Find Some Recipes!

A React app created by Martin Pham and Nethanel Kohen that that allows users to scan the barcode of a product/ingredient (or manually enter) which then renders a list of ingredients, recipes and nutrition facts of dish.
Click here for:  Fork n' Spoon on GitHub Pages

Freelance Work

Grand Cutters Barbershop

Check out the Grand Cutters website I made.